REVIEW: Dr.Bronners


A great multi-purpose liquid soap housed in a sturdy bottle with the signature writings of Dr.Bronners products. Stories, quotes and product information encase the entire label (all in tiny font of course).

Scent: The scent isn’t the sandalwood and jasmine from commercial fragrance products. It is very earthy, even a bit herbaceous with a very slight note of natural jasmine. Jasmine in its natural form is often described as a beautiful white floral with a sweet, slightly dirty aroma. This soap isn’t at all ‘florally’ though, more of a sweet, woody fragrance. Sandalwood is the main scent and is lightened by the jasmine.

Staying power: Strong, a little goes a long way if you are using it as a fragrance product.

Final verdict: A sweet, woody scent that showcases the aromas of the two ingredients in their most natural forms. It takes a while for the jasmine scent to develop and once it does it softens the sandalwood and adds a floral element that is non-existent when you first put it on.


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